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The History and more Pictures of the Villa Jati in Bali
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The bedroom in the upper part of the Villa Jati

Is equipped with wooden furniture and air-conditioning ensures a pleasant climate and local setter been performed inside. It was specifically that of Respected Local
Small business was purchased. Likewise, the art and craft items.

Our management team of the Villa Jati.

Does she warm welcome, the garden is accessible via a Large Gate Divides two small doors with a swimming pool the size of 5 x 3 meters and a depth of 1 meter and 20 centimeters of seating fabrics and stairs got in the evening with romantic lighting. You are always in contact with pool use with their guests and enjoy a drink or a snack. The garden lights is perfect for dreamy nights in the company.
The balcony of the Villa Jati.

Delicious island upstairs a place of tranquility with wonderful views of the famous rice fields of the Balinese culture, they see the farmers in the Daily work to enjoy, there are also glorious sunsets in the wind and rain is a stay at the wonderful balcony a real recovery they can on the runners for them sitting in my thoughts sink and let the soul dangle, access is through the bedroom and is lockable.

The laundry room on the ground floor of the Villa Jati

A light-flooded space is inviting and Gives them the opportunity to present their own laundry to nurture and to care together with an ironing board them, Villa Jati and hot water, and the Permanent Provides as a water capacity up to 5000 liters to be supplied with a cold water heater up to 90 ° C heated wird.Dieser room is dark with a glass sliding door and Separated Abschliessbar.thalt on the balcony a real miraculous recovery, it can placed on the sofa for her thoughts sink in and let the soul dangle, access is through the bedroom and is lockable.
The bathroom on the first floor of the Villa Jati.

With direct access from the bedroom. Offers them the opportunity to allow a Relaxing Relaxing bath and daily events that happen again in the hall revue of the bath, a dressing room with two control boxes and a Great Wall Mirror. And access to the balcony with wonderful views.
Trips Bali

Great offers them a number of ways to make your vacation or business trip, be it a change from A to Z Sports on the beach from Legian Kuta or they can enjoy their loved ones and make the ocean or learn to surf for too little money walks. Or are they happy to make this possible trips and Bali Offers many variations. Even shopping is an activity that is worthwhile, as is the presence of arts and crafts to fashion jewelry from a big range in the small villages outside you can still see how the Balinese Art Product, silver and gold jewelry, furniture making and much more. They go to eat fish at Bay Jimbarane CAFE FURAMA see link they will surprise a place they will never forget. Villa Jati them Provides a free airport transportation. For more trips to Bali is highly recommendable. BALI TOUR SERVICE Knowledgeable Reputable local cautiously friendly and helpfulness she advises Mr. I.Made Aryawan happy with. Mobile No.
+62 8135 30021 044 International
081 353 021 044 Local

The modern kitchen of the Villa Jati.

A light-flooded room. Invites them to be together for a cozy. Again, a modern infrastructure is worth mentioning the hob with child protection device to prevent burns. Kitchen utensils mixer with a modern fridge freezer Grosse The furniture also a solid wood table, the miraculous to linger on them and their children wait.

The living room of Villa Jati.

The entire ground floor and access to the villa is wheelchair accessible and the entire village benefits that they can make purchases or walks. Wheelchair and stroller, in addition to the garden is well illuminated them and their loved ones are also plenty of storage space as ample storage space for disposal. The Villa Jati offers recreation and relaxation
The main entrance of the Villa Jati.

Is exterior lighting in the evening and a place for motorcycles and cars parking on a side street Eiladende ca.9 meters wide on the Common Charges a football game or playing badminton. Or even to simply something to sit there and maybe make some contact with the neighbors and their Kinder.Gehen them to the end of the alley they come into the rice fields far away is an international school and a kindergarten with Great parking, there one may be stopping at the weekend.

The living room of Villa Jati

A Modern Airy Registered straightening the living room. With direct access to the swimming pool and the garden space Also offers them for their children. A modern entertainment such as a surround system and a satellite TV with over 250 TV stations, also German TV in addition, they have free Internet with modern computer technology. The children's room (rooms) are accessible from the living area is equipped with fans, access to the living area has a sliding glass door Lockable roller blinds are available in the interior.
The garden of the Villa Jati

Provides them with enough space for her daily sunbathing or to keep in the idyll of pleasure from a nap without being disturbed, to make the Villa Jati Also offers the option events or a party your guests to indulge and then the community to enjoy in Pleasant surroundings.

Country and its people and culture

Bali is very child-friendly, Please Respect the customs
The island residents and help them with, Bali kept clean, they will thank them with kindness and warmth in Bali is driving on the left, they need an international driver's license while they are standing Führerschein.Haben. Mandatory seat-belt use, visits to temples and other religious places, they inform themselves on the ground at Villa Jati Our team has the Regeln.Benützen they also have a guide like Apa Guide or speak to our chauffeurs Mr. I.MADE ARYAWA site
Thank you for your interest.
Rejoicing for You and her Family
Your Villa Jati Team