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Culture in Bali
The Balinese consider his country as part of a greater whole. For him the world is Bali, and the Gunung Agung is its center.

In legends and writings the creation of Bali is captured. You can hear and read, ass Hindu gods from the legendary landing ambudwipa (India) brought some of their holy mountain Mahameru on the earlier level, flat island. They formed therefrom the Gunung Agung, Bali's healing leagues mountain, the seat of God Mahadewa. A yogi named Sang aharkadeya, the sooner his meditation site at the foot. Rodete And the 8000 men with the forest Epidemics, Wildlife and battles with the natives of the island brought the company to fail.

The Yogi and his entourage exquisite, the Aga left, is not vexed by their failures.
They began their work again, another at one point of the island. Before iesem second attempt brought the yogi to the gods offerings, and lo and behold this time it was possible to make the land fertile.

The success was celebrated with a great sacrifice. Thanks for burying a pot with Weiwasser and five different metals: gold, silver, upfer, lead and bronze.

The place where this happened was called Besakih. It lies at the foot of Gunung Agung, where today stands the great temple. The Aga settled in Bali on and mingled with the natives, who were of the same origin and natural forces and Geisteranbeteten. The Aga worshiped the god Brahma, knew no privileges of birth and not erbrannten their dead, in contrast to the native people.

From the 8th century, Bali was connected to Buddhist and Hindu cultures. From the second half of. Century it was under the influence Javanese princes. While documents were from the 10th century 9.und yet written in Sanskrit (they called Bali-Hindu) came later the Hindu Javanese form for application. Java at that time was not a unified country. Various royal families followed each other. As the most important Erlangga went into the face ein.

Er was born Darma Udajana The King and Queen Mahendra Data, a daughter of Prince Darma Wangsa. He grew up in Java on where he in the year 1019 King wurde.1042 he withdrew from the world, became a monk and died wisnuitischer 1049.Seine mother, whose name is in the edicts against the Kings was also very honored. it was considered a great magician.


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