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About us
Here I tell a little about how it came to Bali to buy a house.

Before long time in a little more than twenty years, I always went in the winter months. The well known, had latitude in those days very productive in our European and there was snow and very cold, I was like to travel, work because I was constantly traveling, now I wanted to definitely discover the world and while not as work no I wanted the pleasure to experience side of travel, culture, get to know people feel with them and around them be my interests had been since the time was when I growing up in a direction which is the Asian crafts and culture and therefore with great respect about their customs ¸ and knowledge in all aspects. And so it was traveling I mean in the southern part of the world planned to have done it myself Southeast Asia, according to many destinations across the equator up and down, I traveled to Bali in the 80's a small island in the vast archipelago of Indonesia.
The island of Bali is a paradise she has my heart imprisonment and not more suppleness and this for many years, people are so happy and very helpful and extremly children love, nature is abundant very versatile plants such as coffee vanilla orchids and fruits to be found so what your heart desires. After many trips to Bali, I had many friends from high to low, and so we learned more about the culture and customs to know so well respected, always more you looked into the problems and their families in Bali goes into it for almost the entire daily earnings of a working away, because the Balinese have every day the sacrifices which they must pass the many shrines (temples) and many other ceremonies throughout the year distributed.
This has made me thoughtful! Because I've been thinking how could we stand (I) at least help a little circle of intimate acquaintances so that they could earn some more friends to also earn an extra, because most life on the existence minimum. And so it happened that one day I could buy a house, a building (ruin) Moving now this make me Habitable this ruin a lot of work in turn create jobs in the short term and the craftsmen to make an income. Now it is possible but after renovations far has been the 2-3 Balinese have an extra income in which they watch the Villa Jati and they nurture and cherish. See for yourself what a great house with a swimming pool, Villa Jati has become, we have made ??possible a Balinese family with the purchase of a car a daily job inquiries as a local expert driver with them the island and the Divers to shopping opportunities, she the most beautiful beaches brings, visit temples and other facilities. Do not hesitate to learn more.
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